Have you ever given a thought to the thousands of children in prison and prisoners' children? Do you know, those imprisoned mothers are allowed to keep their children in prison till they reach five years of age? After which they are either taken by a relative or kept in a destitute home. Grown up children are left to fend for themselves. From a life of gloom and misery and poverty they graduate to crime and end up back in prison. Statistics indicate that 70% of the children of prisoners and those of crime victims turn to criminal activities. These budding lives cannot be left to be trampled by the harsh realities of life, because they are PRECIOUS CHILDREN.


Precious Children's Home is a project of Prison Fellowship India to give hope, love, and joy to the hapless children: children of prisoners and crime victims, the abused and those at risk.


Stigmatized as they are, these children are not received in any other institution. Therefore this project focuses on their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.


All the physical and educational needs of the child are met within the Home. After completion of high school, the child can further his or her education, either in academic or in vocational training. The parents have an option to take their child back once they are out of prison. We encourage this in order to accommodate another waiting child.


Your response to this cause would provide meaning and purpose in the lives of many PRECIOUS CHILDREN – 156 + Children who avail the External Educational Assistance & more is our goal.


Children who have been gainfully employed after their studies

Gejendra completed his Diploma in Mechanical and Electronics working
in the same field.
Murali completed his Diploma in Electronics and working for a
company in Bangalore

Shivaraj completed his Diploma in Turnering and working for a company in Bangalore

Nanjunda completed his Diploma in Welding and working for a
company in Bangalore

Kantharaj completed his Diploma in Carpentry.


Vasantha, Gejoy and Raghavendra have completed their SSLC and doing the further studies.


Successfully completed


Hanumantha has completed his B.Com. & joined a Chartered Accountant Company as a trainee.



Vinod Jose completed his B.Th. is on Job.


Ananda H.M. completed his ITI Course and is on job.