Prison Fellowship was able help many of the Crime Victims with Financial help and House Projects:


PFB built a house for Anitha Gabbur, a widow with 2 children in Raichur.

PFB built a house for PCH ex-student Roopa in Shikkaripura, Shimoga.

PFB built a house for PCH ex-student Sangeetha in Shikkaripura, Shimoga.


PFB helped PCH ex-students Jaya and Jayashree for their house renovation.

PFB gifted a pair bullocks for our PCH ex-students Hanumantha and Santhosh.

PFB gifted a cow with calf by which they could fend for themselves.



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PFB Social Worker visits

A prisoner's family at Belguam


PFB helped Geetha for the rehabilitation along with her two girl children.


PFB supports Pastor Bristappa who is working among the Villagers.